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Tech innovators with the ambition to make transportation in supply chains greener


our company


VesselBot is a pioneering technology company that brings transparency to Scope 3 transportation emissions with its greenhouse gas emissions visibility system. With its deep logistics market expertise, VesselBot enables companies to calculate their carbon footprint accurately and efficiently, facilitating compliance with ESG regulations and helping to reduce GHG transportation emissions. VesselBot provides high-accuracy, primary and modeled data for all supply chain transportation modes (vessels, airplanes, trains, and trucks).

our story


VesselBot, established in 2015, is a technology company which initially offered digital solutions to the maritime industry for the tedious, costly, and time-consuming chartering processes. A few years ago, we decided to use the proprietary data and technology we have been building since 2015 to create the most accurate GHG Emissions Monitoring System for the main supply chain transportation modes (vessels, airplanes, trains, and trucks).

Our dedicated, hand-picked team comprises of industry experts, engineers, and marketing professionals with deep knowledge of the logistics industry, technology and applied science. Together we have developed the most advanced technology to enable logistics market stakeholders make informed decisions, based on accurate data, on how they can reduce their company's Scope 3 Transportation Emissions and save money.

our name


VesselBot combines the words vessel and bot, which comes from robot. Because initially, our company provided digital tools to enable the Operations of Maritime companies. The company was named after these two words aiming to combine the vessel, a traditional mode of supply chain transportation, with advanced technology represented by the word robot.

our mission & vision

Vision & Mission

We want to create a more sustainable future for humanity by providing companies all around the globe with data and technologies that will allow them to measure and reduce their Scope 3 transportation emissions.

To accelerate Scope 3 transportation emissions reduction with high-accuracy emissions visibility data. VesselBot enables sustainable supply chains by providing advanced technologies to our customers so that they may reduce their environmental footprint while moving their goods worldwide.

Our Co-founding Team

Constantine Komodromos



Athanasia Panagiotopoulou



Emmanuel Hadjistratis