How to establish your company as a leader in the Maritime sector

By Constantine Komodromos
December 23, 2015

In the last period I have read numerous articles about the need to disrupt the Maritime industry and that the modus operandi of the industry is outdated and not disrupted as the majority of the other industries of the economy. These came from numerous sources amongst others from highly esteemed individuals or associations within the industry namely Dr. Stopford who a few months back wrote an article stating that the operating model needs to be changed and if Shipping companies do not realize this will be left behind. Yesterday to my great surprise on the Lloyds list 100 more influential list published every year, Lloyds List One Hundred, in the introduction Richard Meade wrote “Disruption and uncertainty is coming from all angles, but that’s just the new normal”. The closing remark is what stroke me the most however:

“Much ink has been spilled in the global examination of companies like Uber and how they have disrupted first the taxi industry and now potentially the car manufacturers, simply by efficiently matching people’s transportation needs with data via smartphones. 

For shipping, alliances, pools and other capacity-sharing agreements represent a start, but we can’t help thinking here at Lloyd’s List that shipping has yet to touch the sides of what the big data revolution could potentially mean for seaborne trade.

Big ideas by their nature don’t receive validation until all the chips are on the table. Tying flexibility to risk — spending the money to do it, if you have it and are willing to test your vision managing disruption — is a strategy that will leave some smarting and heading for the door, but there will be winners. Look for them on next year’s list.”

Apparently, Mr. Meade believes as Dr. Stopford does, that this is the time that the seaborne trade will be disrupted at some point and that time is not too far. Will we see real disruption in the seaborne trade industry; will new big players arise out of this in the market that will indeed make it to the most influential people list as suggested above? It all remains to be seen however the fact is that this seaborne industry is becoming increasingly open to changes to its operating model, and into new ways of doing business.

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