Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives (CSRD)

by VesselBot’s Marketing Team

November 22, 2022
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives (CSRD)

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a reality. Adopted by the EU Parliament on 10/11/22, this new legislation increases transparency on environmental and social affairs and governance matters.

The new legislation is expected to be adopted by the EU Council on 28 November 2022, after which it will be signed and published in the EU Official Journal. All these changes will drive CSRD to become the norm for large companies.

Around 50 000 companies to be covered by new rules, up from the current 11 700 that are now.

Significant key point differences -that all companies must take into consideration- are:

  • A more detailed reporting will be required on companies' impact on both environment as well as human rights and social standards, based on common criteria in line with
  • EU's climate goals.
  • Companies that apply to these criteria will be subjected to independent auditing and certification.
  • The directives will apply to all large companies, whether listed on stock markets or not.
  • Non-EU companies with substantial activity in the EU (with a turnover of over €150 million in the EU) will also have to comply with these directives.

It’s crucial not to forget the effective dates for each category:

  • From 1/1/24 for large public-interest companies (with over 500 employees) already subject to the non-financial reporting directive, with reports due in 2025.
  • From 1/1/25 for large companies that are not presently subject to the non-financial reporting directive (with more than 250 employees and/or €40 million in turnover and/or €20 million in total assets), with reports due in 2026.
  • From 1/1/26 for SMEs and other undertakings, with reports due in 2027. *SMEs can opt out until 2028.


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