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Thanks to the advancements in computer science, it is now possible to utilise the shipping operations' immense data exhaust for commercial usage. VesselBot's Data Intelligence provides tailor-made information sets to the shipping industry's decision-makers. Maritime data enables us to provide shipping professionals with market insights, regarding, among other things, tonnage supply and demand volumes as well as real-time vessel-type concentration mapping.

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In the increasingly interconnected world of the shipping business, vast amounts of data are generated, subsequent to key operations, that are never captured nor re-inserted into the decision-making process. This information is not valueless nor purposeless; maritime data are instead a treasured asset that can be transformed into helpful analytical input.

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Port Insights

With our Port Insights tool, you gain unprecedented access to a wealth of information over numerous ports around the globe. You may peruse our thorough yet straightforward Port Insights to view the number of ships that cast anchor per month or week at the port of your choice, the ships' average operation time and how that time was distributed as well as the vessel's average turn-around time.

Fleet Analytics

What proportion of the world fleet of Ultramaxes is currently sailing in the Indian Ocean? How many Capesizes departed Brazil for China during the last month? With VesselBot's Fleet Analytics you can use data-derived information to support your decision-making and further your own understanding of the dynamics that shape the dry cargo shipping market.

Trading Area Analytics

Our Trading Area Analytics allows you to peruse historical shipping data over tonnage movements concerning the region of your preference and to recognize compelling trading patterns. Maritime data analytics let you examine inbound and outbound ships sailing to and from the area of your interest as well as review information over the vessel-type concentration in different geographical areas.

Commodity Flows

The demand for shipping services is derived from the demand for the transportation of the very cargoes that ships carry inside their holds. Recognizing that the principle of derived demand is paramount to the understanding of the dynamics of the shipping markets, our Commodity Flows tool offers you insightful information over major dry bulk commodity shipments.

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