“VesselBot brings together advanced AI technologies
created for the maritime industry, market experts, and
market stakeholders' needs, creating a state-of-the-art
solution helping the industry achieve
its environmental goals.”

Our digital solution is based on a model that assesses and measures carbon emissions for every vessel around the globe on a daily basis. We take into consideration the actual route executed by the vessel, the speed that the vessel was steaming with, its loading condition (ballast or laden), weather conditions en route at each specific geolocation, vessel digital twin models, and we estimate with high accuracy the vessel's fuel consumption and the relevant GHG emissions.

We have built vessel digital twin models for all commercial fleets using vessel particulars, engine, propeller data, and AI/ML technologies. These models were benchmarked against actual vessel performance data having a 92% accuracy of the vessel consumption.

“We provide this valuable system to charterers, banks,
ship owners, classification societies, operators, and any
other public or private organizations, enabling them to
measure carbon emissions accurately.”


Benchmark the performance of your
fleet against the industry.
Compare consumptions
and GHG emissions with other vessels.

Calculate the emissions
during your vessel's voyage.

Validate Your Noon Report.
We identify and correct errors on
noon reports.

Predict future emissions
with accuracy.

Achieve better CP terms when negotiating
based on consumptions and GHG emissions data.


Benchmark emissions and
consumptions pre-fixture enabling you
to charter the optimal vessel.

Verify consumptions indicated
by shipowners and negotiate more effectively
in the pre-fixture process.

Estimate future emissions based
on trading patterns.


Assess profitability impact due to EUA's
and what the potential impact will be
on loan covenants in your existing

Include in your due diligence process the
GHG emissions and bunker consumptions impact.

Predict future emissions
with accuracy.


Calculate GHG emissions of
vessels under your Flag or in
your territorial waters.

Cross-check the data from the
MRV system.


Measurement of CO2 emissions with
accuracy allowing customers to off-set emissions.

“Monitor, Report and Verify CO2 emissions.”

Our GHG Emissions Monitoring System gives you complete visibility over the entire global fleet’s performance and emissions,
delivering accurate insights without any hardware.

Together we decarbonize the maritime industry

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Together we decarbonize the maritime industry

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