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Reduce your company’s Scope 3 Transportation GHG Emissions, reach your emissions reduction goals, and comply with legislation

The most accurate GHG Emissions Monitoring System for the main supply chain transportation modes (vessels, airplanes,trucks, and trains) is here to help you make informed decisions based on actual and modeled real-time data.

Stop planning your sustainability strategy based on rough Scope 3 Transportation Emission calculations and standard methodologies. Would you allow the financial department to use average industry costs and revenues to prepare its annual financial statements? Measuring and tracking transportation-related Scope 3 emissions is challenging, but our advanced technology has made it easy.

  • Use primary data to improve the accuracy of reports, especially as more and more Sustainability and ESG regulations that require more accurate disclosures of Scope 3 emissions are being enacted.

  • Identify Carbon Hotspots and take action to Reduce your company’s Scope 3 emissions footprint.,

  • Optimize carrier network.

  • Gain Visibility in the Supply Chainand competitive advantage through enhanced emissions and freight supply chain visibility.

  • Monitor your Corporate Sustainability targets, make informed strategic decisions and better Procurement decisions by setting Sustainability targets

  • Avoid reputation risks and allegations of Greenwashing.Protect your company’s reputation toward customers, stakeholders, regulators, and financiers via reporting and marketing based on accurate data.

  • Benefit from cost reduction and ROI ,from reducing the need for the costly purchase of carbon credit or similar net-off activities.

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VesselBot has developed a one-of-a-kind GHG Emissions Monitoring System available for Ocean, Air and Land freight transportation modes.
Measure, optimize and reduce your company’s footprint by comparing shipping carriers based on CO2 emission. You can combine the data for the three modes or choose the ones that suit your needs.

Reap The Benefit of Accurate Data
ocean mode

Accurately measures upstream and downstream Maritime transportation emissions per vessel, carrier, and trade lane.

measuring and reporting

& Reporting



carriers benchmarking optimization


air mode

Scope 3 transportation emissions reporting based on real-time data.

measure and report

& Reporting



land mode

Carbon Footprint Calculator for each specific route from point to point via trucks and trains.

accurate measurement and reporting

& Reporting

Smart Freight Center
Accredited Partner

SFC has designed this accreditation program to help supply-chain stakeholders to choose a credible GHG Emissions Monitoring System based on the industry standards – the GLEC Framework.

Smart Freight Center
Global Logistics Emissions CouncilSmart Freight Center Accreditation