Make supply chains sustainable. Measure CO2 Emissions of each transportation of goods accurately by truck from point A to point B.

Our GHG calculations are based on the truck type, the area of operations, the cargo type being transported, the distance between the starting and destination point, and the existing road network, which is constantly updated.

Based on GLEC Framework, the GHG Emissions Monitoring System factors in the distance, truck size, fuel type and other parameters to calculate the GHG emissions corresponding to the goods being transported. The system was built based on the GLEC framework.

measuring and reportingMEASURE

Measure and report emissions of any shipment with any truck from point A to point B with high accuracy

seamless API integration

Seamless integration
to your system via API

combine data with your telematics provider

Combine our data with
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Use advanced technology to have a high impact on the environment. Reduce Scope 3 transportation emissions now.

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