Every shipping professional wants to be more efficient and improve his results. And now, you can.

We have developed a series of leading-edge tools specifically catering to the needs of shipping professionals active in the dry cargo chartering market. VesselBot's Intelligent Tools are designed by professionals for professionals. All our tools are based on our proprietary in-house built software and are constantly being updated and monitored by our team. While ease-of-use is always a key focus area when we develop our products, we are also geared towards offering qualitative, dependable and state-of-the-art solutions to your every-day problems.

“Make more time for the work that matters most”

Recognizing that there was no unified platform that offers the scope of products a modern ship chartering office requires, we decided to step in and create a place where all these tools are gathered and therein easily accessed. Our products are unique in the sense that they are the joint creation of businesspeople and computer scientists. Technology has now empowered us to leverage the analytical prowess of the computer with the aim to aid practitioners in dealing with their daily business tasks. This is what our tools are all about; leaving mundane tasks aside and focusing on what matters the most.

Explore Our Intelligent Tools

Distance Calculator

Our in-house built Distance Calculator finds the shortest route between the ports of your choice with accuracy and swiftness. VesselBot's up-to-date database of ports holds more than 2500 entries, assuring you that you will always be able to plot the journey of your preference when the need arises.

Voyage Estimator

VesselBot's Voyage Estimator is straight-out unique; it does not only take into consideration the latest changes in emission regulations, but it allows you to incorporate real-time bunker prices into your financial calculations. You may also use our carefully thought-out tool to peruse costs in a wide selection of seaports and harbours. We achieve this one-of-a-kind information stream through synergies with established practitioners; specialists in their respective field. Using our Voyage Estimator is as easy as using any of our software; simply log-in and determine if the proposed journey makes financial sense or not!

Open Tonnage Finder

Have you ever wished to know which ships are available to transport the cargoes of your principal? VesselBot's Open Tonnage Finder is the information tool that was missing from your office. Input the laycan period of the cargo in question, select the appropriate vessel type and the relevant distance, see for yourself which ships are open and return to your principal with suitable business at a short moment's notice.

Port Catalogue

Our Port Catalogue delivers practical information over the world's many harbours, seaports, berths and piers. In our up-to-date database, holding more than 2500 ports, you are able to peruse salient information such as ports' available superstructure, maximum permissible draft, berth operators' details and the environmental regime that is in force.

E-mail Parser

Shipping professionals' inbox can be overly stocked with business e-mails. Making sure that you receive the most out of your correspondence can indeed be an arduous task. With VesselBot's E-mail Parser your voluminous online correspondence is instantaneously transformed in easy to read and to manipulate information. Recognizing your needs, our web-based software requires no time-consuming installation nor a lengthy period to come in term with its usage.

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.”
Peter Drucker

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