“For the last 5,000 years of shipping the business model had not changed too much. Changes in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) make a new business model viable. The “Smart-Shipping” model focuses on the transport performance of the company/fleet as a whole, rather than a collection of individual ships, resulting in wide reaching improvements in transport productivity; safety; personnel development; and logistics. (Dr. Martin Stopford)

Manual Process

Ship owners and charterers wishing to charter a vessel have to go through the complex and time-consuming manual process of reviewing thousands of emails with offers from Shipbrokers in order to identify prospective matches.


Currently ship owners and charterers rely extensively on the information provided by the brokers with whom they cooperate regarding the prevailing market hire rates at given ports.

Sensitive Process

Choosing the right Charterer / Ship Owner to cooperate with, is a very sensitive process which needs to be executed in a very timely manner.

Tedious Process

The manual way in which chartering is currently processed and the number of different mediums used makes it a very tedious process for both parties and does not allow either to effectively make the best possible informed decision.

The VesselBot Marketplacefor

Our platform only proposes the best positioned vessels, resulting in reduced ballast voyages and associated running costs, notably in bunker charges. Additionally, due the concentration of data and broader geographic coverage, the waiting time and time spent positioning the vessel are also reduced, benefiting the industry as a whole by minimizing the deviation time as well as idle time incurred by the Ship owner.
Lower costs through efficiencies achieved in the Chartering department, as well as lower commission fees payable to shipbrokers.
Through the usage of the platform and the automation of several processes Vessel Owners achieve significant reductions in their operating cost.
Our platform’s algorithm provides an intelligent analysis of available data for Vessel Owners, enabling them to achieve the best market rates for their vessels in accordance with their chartering strategy.
Vessel owners are able to gain access to a medium to promote their vessels to a broader spectrum of Charterers.
Through our rating system Vessel Owners will be able to ensure that the service they receive from their counterparty is of good quality.
A wider geographic area in which vessels can be made available and with shorter spread between loading dates.
The cost efficiencies our platform will achieve for ship Owners will be translated into more competitive prices for Charterers. Additionally, due to the concentration of carefully selected specialized data and broader geographic coverage, reductions in waiting time and time spent positioning vessels will benefit the industry as a whole in the form of reduced ballast bonuses and demurrage payable by charterers.
Through VesselBot’s rating system the Vessel charterers will be able to ensure the service received by their counterparty is of good quality.
Our platform’s algorithm will provide an intelligent automated analysis of available data enabling vessel Charterers to secure the best market rates for shipping their cargo.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs


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