Get Accurate ETA Of Your Vessel's Arrival

December 15, 2021

VesselBot’s routing and ETA prediction system is embedded in Spire’s service offering to provide advanced routing and ETA calculation capabilities. Spire AIS data is embedded with VesselBot’s routing algorithm based on graph models. By entering the port of departure (or a given point at sea), the port of destination, and also ship-related variables (such as MMSI or ship type, to take into account ship particulars such as speed or size), this routing model provides the optimal route and the corresponding ETA. This model is maintained monthly to incorporate possible Spatio-temporal changes in sea routes and vessels' operating patterns. It also provides several routing options, including canal crossings and high-risk areas that the user may select to avoid.

This chart shows the accuracy of ETAs predicted with VesselBot’s routing model and ETA reported in AIS benchmarked against actual arrival times and defined by ship type.

The Value Gained

Combining Spire’s robust AIS data volume with VesselBot’s routing algorithms produces a complex product that delivers value for our customers. The combination of technologies resulted in a valuable product that would be complex to develop, and both companies offer expert technical knowledge in their areas of expertise.

“The use of Spire’s AIS and weather data in VesselΒot’s vessel routing tool affirms the importance of data in decision making. By providing the data advantage, Spire helps organizations like VesselΒot achieve its goals and its customers goals. We are dedicated to partnering with data driven companies to move digitalization forward in the maritime industry.”

John Lusk, SVP and General Manager of Spire Maritime.

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