February 6, 2023


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VesselBot - New Corporate Identity


VesselBot, a Greek technology company specializing in measuring Scope 3 carbon footprint in supply chain transportation, has changed its corporate identity and launched a new, modern, fresh website and logo. The main elements that define the company's rebranding are featured in its new logo and website.

The main element lines denote the "routes" that each ship, airplane, and truck follows in the supply chain to transport products from one destination to another, and the second is colors: nature's green, sea and sky’s blue.

VesselBot has already been operating for 6 years and is a well-established company in the European, Japanese, and American markets. The company's owners' foresight and sensitivity towards the world and nature led them to realize the importance of GHG Emissions early on. VesselBot's technology measures carbon emissions (Scope 3 transportation emissions) caused by transporting cargo (food/goods/materials, etc.) from one point in the world to another by ship, airplane, or truck. That is, through the supply chain.

Scope 3, which concerns the Indirect Carbon Footprint, is the most difficult to measure (more complex than Scope 1 & 2). It is about CO2 emissions diffused into the atmosphere, not directly by each company, but indirectly by all company partners. VesselBot is the only company operating in the global market, measuring with 92% accuracy the carbon dioxide emissions from the supply chain of transporting goods by ship, plane, or truck worldwide. Through this precise measurement, VesselBot helps companies measure, optimize, and reduce their costs and set their CO2 reduction strategy.

VesselBot's customers are mainly from the FMCG (food, clothing, electrical), healthcare (pharma & equipment), construction (heavy material handling), and automotive markets. The company’s GHG Emissions Monitoring System is certified by the Smart Freight Center, as the developed technology is based on the GLEC framework.

About VesselBot:

VesselBot is a technology company with deep logistics market expertise that brings transparency to Scope 3 transportation emissions. It enables companies to be confident in accurately and efficiently calculating their carbon footprint and work effectively toward compliance with ESG regulations. At the same time, with its accurate and actionable data, they can reduce their GHG transportation emissions and optimize their logistics network. Our deep knowledge of transportation, technology, and applied science ensures that we provide actionable and auditable data for trustworthy reports and better net-zero strategy decisions based on data. To learn more about VesselBot: https://www.vesselbot.com/

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