“VesselBot’s Routing and ETA Prediction tool, provides you with valuable information about each vessel’s voyage route and its accurate ETA at the next destination port.”

We have used billions of historic waypoints and routes used by vessels while travelling from Point A to Point B to build with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) a vessel routing system specific for each market segment and vessel size. These are routes used by ships when executing their actual voyages and are frequently updated to provide the best possible shortest route to a user. More than 4500 ports are covered; distances and alternative distances utilize various routing filters. As a result, we offer and exceed 30 million of possible combinations. The distances and routes may be provided with very dense waypoints allowing for a very accurate sea route for charting purposes too.

The routing API yields the expected route and predicted ETA on a vessel-specific basis. The requested route can either be a port-to-port or a point-to-port query. Crossing Suez's canals, Kiel and Panama can be selected and high-risk areas avoidance and northern passage usage. Each trip's ETA is calculated on vessel/MMSI specific ML models, created by historic data, taking into account the vessel's current operating status.

Combine it with AIS data to enhance the service you get

The service can also be combined with real-time satellite and terrestrial AIS data to monitor both the vessel's position, and the expected time of arrival based on current geolocation data, at destination port.

“You can choose to have either a UI or API access.”

Routing and ETA Prediction Tool

Predict Route per vessel type and size.

With VesselBot AI Routing tool predict the route a vessel would be following either from a port or a geospatial location to a port. The system provides the shortest route from point A to point B for each vessel type and size taking into account restrictions en-route.

Accurately Predict ETA.

By utilizing ML technology, we can identify both the route used by a vessel and appropriate speed factoring speed restrictions in areas as well as vessel specific patterns, enabling us to identify their ETA at the next destination port accurately.

Dynamically follow vessels actual route followed using terrestrial and satellite AIS.

Users may track the exact route followed by a vessel and receive updated ETA calculations based on the vessel's actual geolocation point.

Avoid High-Risk areas and get alternative routes.

Allow the user to identify alternative routes which may be enabled by setting relevant filters on to avoid High-Risk areas and get alternative routes re-routing the vessel to lower risk course and at the same time maintaining shortest passage time.

Identify ECA/SECA area passage distance.

We have created relevant ECA/SECA polygons based on the latest directives issued and can return via our tool the distance within an ECA/SECA area.

All market segments are covered.

We have built customized routes for each of the market segments we cover. As a result, we can more accurately predict the route followed by Dry Bulk, Tankers, Containers vessels, and their ETA at the destination port.

More than 4500 ports covered globally.

We cover more than 4500 ports around the globe and including filters have more than 30mil of routes.

API access.

Access to our tools may be provided via an API enabling users to call as frequently as they want by giving us an IMO or MMSI number of the vessels they would like to monitor their routes and operations.

UI access.

We also provide a readily available UI which may be embedded to a user's system.

For more information you may contact us at info@vesselbot.com

Identify a feasible maritime route, learn the ETA for each voyage, and add value to your business decisions

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