“Use VesselBot’s Voyage TCE Optimization System
to take action, when needed, during the voyage and not
when it will be over”

Voyage TCE Optimization System

“Identify which vessels are not performing well and take actions continuously to optimize fleet profitability.”

Our Voyage TCE Optimization System helps owners, managers and operators to optimize their TCE for every leg and voyage. Identifies the optimal and feasible sea route from location A to location B, suggests the optimal speed/rpm, bunkering location and estimates the ETA for each vessel in conjunction with commercial and other terms to optimize TCE performance for each voyage.

To develop this decision support system and train our models, we gathered millions of historic data related to market conditions, bunkering prices, weather conditions, vessel particulars, AIS data, hire rates, and many other variables. Combining these and advanced AI/ML models, we created VesselBot’s Voyage Optimization system that enables teams across shipping companies and operators to make better decisions based on real-time data and increase voyage profitability.

VesselBot’s easy to use system runs in your web browser and doesn’t require any hardware installations or initial investment.

Fleet monitoring dashboard

Reduce Bunker Expense: Make optimal bunker procurement decisions based on real-time data,
Improve fleet performance: Manage your entire fleet efficiently on one system,
Avoid dangerous weather condition and minimize risk: Enable your vessel to choose the optimal speed and direction based on current weather conditions,
Transform data into insights: Make the right decisions and keep your P&L in the black,
Improve your company’s environmental footprint: Achieve more than 30% GHG emissions reduction per vessel and make a positive environmental impact.

“Our Voyage Optimization System provides you dynamically
with tailored recommendations for each vessel and
help you make informed decisions.”

“Not a weather routing tool.
Our Voyage TCE Optimization System is much more than that.”

Weather is merely a minor factor we take into consideration along with other parameters like real time Bunkering prices, Freight rates, Port data and others. Our solution is a Voyage Optimization decision support system, that enables teams across shipping companies, operators and cargo owners to decide via data and technology the optimal route, speed/rpm etc., to satisfy CP terms, and increase voyage TCE results. With our system they achieve to reduce bunker consumption and GHG emissions while at the same time maintaining the duration of every leg and voyage at the lowest possible point.

We use a combination of weather data, vessel's specifics, AI/ML and mathematical and physics models to determine the potential risk of pitch, roll, propeller emergence, deck flooding, bow accelerations, slammingetc. As a result, we suggest the optimal routing avoiding bad weather.




Always keep safe
your crew, vessel and cargo.


Transform the way your teams collaborate.
An easy to use App is installed onboard, allowing the Captain to receive the same info as the onshore team. It enables them to agree on the proposed route during the planning phase and monitor the voyage's execution in real-time, resulting in better data synchronization.




The system works with high frequency sensor data    

    or your noon reports    

For more information you may contact us at support@vesselbot.com

Digitalize shipping and improve our industry’s environmental footprint.

See our Voyage TCE Optimization System in action.


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